Eric Tyson, best-selling author of Personal Finance for Dummies and Investing for Dummies, economist and advisor, analyzes financial news and provides financial planning insights. Eric Tyson's got your back and is looking out for you!

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Using the News

Addressing worries about impending Federal Reserve rate increases due to stronger hiring
How have government deficits changed during the economic expansion since 2009?
Two years into his Presidency, Francois Hollande is changing course
Using an inside perspective to make the most of your financial decisions
A look at the state of the U.S. dollar, commodity prices and economy

Worth Reading/Watching

It's warns up to a year ahead and has a (far) better track record than most economists!
Few people think this governor has much chance of winning but his message is on target...
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Marketing to Doctors (Free)
Recent studies shed light on what may be the optimal amount of exercise
A journalist examines measures of the economy, health and safety

The Straight Scoop

How to learn about (and teach your kids about) the principles and virtues of business
Are These "Low Price" Real Estate Investments Worth Considering?
Recurring issues from a financial planner's practice
Fears of running out of money and other concerns top the list
"He that walks with wise men shall become wise...But a companion of fools shall be destroyed."


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Preferred Portfolios

A surprising perspective on wishing for stock market declines
A little known indicator is signaling where stocks are likely headed next
Keeping perspective on where the markets have been and may be heading
How heavily should you use index funds in your portfolio?
Overcoming the obstacles that cause investors to earn below market average returns

Book/Research Summaries

Why do we have financial market bubbles and crashes? New research from the London School of Economics explains why and you can profit from the insights.
Use these tips to substantially boost your car’s fuel efficiency
How the Affordable Care Act is effecting corporate employment and corporate profits  
Can you make more money investing in them and how has the U.S.' ranking changed?
What is unusual about their demographics or background that could explain their high incomes?  (FREE)

Guru Watch

Ronald Reagan’s former budget director continues making waves in the press  
What to make of this New York Time's columnist's current and past predictions
Is Suze Orman qualified to be giving you financial advice and how good is her advice?
Evaluating Michael Lewis’ “Flash Boys” book and how you should trade stocks
Divergent views on why federal tax revenue is lagging and what should be done to address it


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