International Monetary Fund Bumps Up Expected Economic Growth Estimates Again

publication date: Oct 1, 2009

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has released their revised economic growth predictions (middle columns below) for economies around the globe. The far right hand columns show the change in these projections since the last batch was published three months ago.

Back in July, the global world output projections were increased by 0.6 percent, the same amount by which they've been bumped up again.

Those who have been worried (and out of stocks) during 2009's monster stock market rally should have been looking globally and also realize that corporate profit growth and stock market returns aren't well correlated with the growth rate of a country's economy. We have covered this topic in various articles, most notably in our Book Summaries section. For fund and ETF investing ideas, check out the recent articles in Preferred Portfolios and Investments.  



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