News Reporter Tries to Help Expose the Problem of Underage Drinking

publication date: Feb 24, 2012

Washington-DC CBS affiliate (WUSA-TV) reporter Andrea McCarren was motivated to report on underage drinking for an excellent reason.  “Personally as a reporter, I felt like I could not cover one more carload of drunk kids wrapped around a tree and interview one more set of grieving parents without trying to do something with this extraordinary reach of the media to affect positive change,” she said.

McCarren's well documented report exposed kids well under the legal drinking age easily buying alcohol from a local merchant. More surprising and disturbing was the reaction of the kids and ultimately their parents. Things got so bad for McCarren that she pulled her kids out of school and herself off of the air to quell the firestorm. (See video below.)

These uniformed parents and their kids should read my previous article, "Protecting Teenagers and Kids From Alcohol, Smoking and Drugs: The keys to keeping kids from substance abuse and protecting yourself as well".


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