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Using the News

Keeping your wits and composure so that you make sound financial decisions
Making sense of the revised tax deductions for mortgage interest and property taxes
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: How these sites make money and who is attracted to them (FREE)
2017 Tax Bill includes lots of benefits for small business owners
Is the recent steep sell-off cause for concern for a bigger decline?

Worth Examining

Lengthy Wall Street Journal investigation exposes widespread fraud within the industry
The results are coming in regarding what companies are actually doing with the spoils from the tax cut
60 Minutes Report suggest you don't fly Allegiant Airlines due to high level of safety problems
Why not make more/all Americans stockholders?
After a huge increase since the 2016 election, how high can stock prices go?

The Straight Scoop

Buying a car is one of the hardest consumer purchases you’ll make
Having lost money on a prior purchase, does it make sense to risk another home purchase?
Getting your financial house in order and goals straight before investing
The keys to keeping money accumulation in proper perspective
Why you should tread carefully in the rapidly expanding app universe


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Preferred Portfolios

Balanced portfolio tilted towards stock funds
What are the favorite funds of this veteran Fidelity newsletter writer?
How heavily should you use index funds in your portfolio?
Asset Class Performance & Investment Outlook
Q: If there's anyone out there who still believes in "buy and hold" investing, he/she should read some of the blogs that I read...

Book/Research Summaries

What this new data suggest for possible future stock market returns
What are you really getting from the online behemoth?
Vanguard Group founder John Bogle has a new book which reflects upon the investing world, the business world, and society at large. "Rarely do so few pages provoke so much thought," says David Swensen, Chief Investment Officer, Yale University.
Assessing your beliefs about how closely you should be following and trading your investments
What methods and strategies work best at calming your nerves and staying balanced

Guru Watch

What his investment choices say about his views of the U.S. and his economic and investing intelligence
An enlightening email exchange with CNBC pundit Jim Cramer
CNBC's Jim Cramer has made horrible stock picks and market calls during the 2008-09 financial crisis but this call from 2000 is his worst ever...
You gotta love Nouriel Roubini and Jim Cramer attacking each other...this is one time, when they both might actually be right!
Forecaster who Reuters calls a "top investor," "heavyweight" and "insider" now calling for even more severe downturn...but what is his track record?


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